Nowhere in the UK is there an urban area of comparable size – 77,000 people – that has such a rich architectural, industrial and social history and that once mattered so much to the world.

Why we are bidding?

Paisley's bid for UK City of Culture 2021 is part of a wider push to use the town's unique cultural and heritage assets to transform its future. Winning the 2021 culture title will have significant benefits:

-It will create the equivalent of 4,700 jobs over the next decade and boost the local economy by £172m, leaving a lasting legacy for all of Renfrewshire

-It means a programme of major events and world-class culture, bringing an estimated 1.7m attendances in 2021 -It will bring much-needed footfall and boost our plans to build a new long-lasting town centre economy with culture, heritage, events and tourism at its heart

-Involvement in culture is proven to be good for people's health and well-being. Our 2021 year will offer culture for all, and create opportunities for everybody in Renfrewshire to access those benefits

It is already raising awareness of Paisley's internationally-significant story, helping to transform the town's image at home and abroad, and building a new sense of pride in Paisley.